Friday, October 22, 2010

Photos from this week...

This week has absolutely flown by. Which is sad, because I have been in the office alone and it has been very relaxing. I've been starting between 8 and 8.30am, finishing a little after 4pm and just generally taking it easy. Unfortunately, though, it's back to work as usual next Wednesday after I complete my CPA exam on Tuesday. I think I will take Monday off work so that I can have an extra day to study.

Because I have lost a bit of weight, some clothes are fitting me that haven't in a while, and I'm feeling better about wearing pretty clothes such as dresses. I'm not embracing colour as yet, but give me time. I thought I would add the photos of some of the outfits I've worn this week - none are very interesting because I'm not a very exciting dresser, but I've never really posted about my clothes before.

I've also posted some of the food I've eaten this week, and this food is to blame for me probably putting on weight this week rather than taking it off. I strained my ankle a little on Tuesday night and so had two days off running, however today there is no pain at all so I will be back on the treadmill this afternoon.

Some of these photos are taken with our new point and shoot camera, to go to Europe with us alongside EA's DSLR (Canon 50D). We bought the Samsung WB660 and it's lovely - not too small but also convenient enough that it will fit in my bag and not be too bulky. It is 14 megapixel, 15x optical zoom, a 3" AMOLED screen and takes pretty good photos. Yay.

 Our new camera.

 Monday's outfit - love navy blue, love button up shirts. Dogstar pants.

 Tuesday's outfit. Witchery dress.

 I really need a new iPhone colour. not a huge fan of pink, so don't know why I bought this...

 Thursday's outfit. Dogstar pants, Cotton On top, Witchery vest.

 Don't mind the fluff I neglected to pick off before the photo...

 Monday night's dinner. From Vapiano. This was REALLY good pasta. Made fresh in the restaurant.

I get the Myer Christmas bear every year. This is Charlie. He's the small one. Not sure if I will get the big or the small this year.

Now behold last night's dinner to celebrate International Nacho Day. Which happened to coincide with Nacho Thursday - obviously a sign that we had to have Mexican. We went to Pepes in Newmarket. EA was lovely. He said that we should honour the sacred day that is International Nacho Day.

 Some sort of cheese dip. It was lovely. So lovely that I could hardly eat any of my main(s).

 EA got the double enchilada. I got the small nachos (they had small, medium and large) and then a taco. Which was stupid - I was obviously famished when I ordered. I ate one forkful of the taco beef and about 6 bites of the nachos and I was dunzo. Tasty though.

Today's outfit - Cotton On top, blue necklace thingy (I'm experimenting with long necklaces rather than scarves for summer), ksubi wide leg jeans (not pictured, obviously).

See my new Fossil watch? It was on my covet list as far back as November 22 last year - I think the fact that I still desperately wanted it was a sign that I should just buy the damned thing. And so I did, and it is lovely. Here is a closer look from google images:

It was the last one in store - another sign that it was meant to be.

I hope you all have lovely weekends planned. I'll be studying, so please enjoy on my behalf. I'll be in my pyjamas all weekend when I'm not in my gym gear (I'll need to run to stay awake I think) and will never be far from the Nespresso machine. We bought some of the limited edition pods on Monday that we're yet to try. Mmm. Coffee.

Peace out.


livinglifeasme said...

You are doing so well. I just read back through your blogs and caught up on your running. Wow you are a running machine now. I am really enjoying the treadmill for many reasons, but the main one is it seems to be better for my knees. I think I'm going to try 1 outdoors run per week & the rest on the tready. I reckon a run on the treadmill is 100 times better than no run at all.

Jade said...


Yes, that was so important that I had to write it in caps. But you totally understand why :)

I'm stealing your watch, make sure you bring it to Sydney with you so I can see it up close and personal.



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