Thursday, October 21, 2010

Resolutions update...

It has been a long time since I did an update on my resolutions - so long, in fact, that I have forgotten what some were and therefore I need to go back to previous posts to remind myself. Oops.

1. Eat well and exercise

This is going really well, as I'm sure you would have gathered - at least on the exercise front. The last few days have been ridiculous for my diet, but that's my fault and I've decided not to hold onto any food guilt. Today is a new day. And also International Nacho Day. So I guess tomorrow is a new day.

2. Become 2/3 of a CPA

This isn't going to happen, and so I'm not going to update on this any more. I would have had to be doing 2 subjects a semester and I'm only studying one subject this semester - with my law studies it was just too much. I'm also considering missing next semester because I have to study two law subjects and with the wedding in June I honestly don't think I'll have the maturity or will to focus on my studies.

3. Cook more

Hmm. I'm not sure what to say about this one. I rarely buy my lunch or dinner anymore, however as far as baking and cooking from recipes - well, I don't do much of that either. My dinners usually involve Steamfresh or salad or chicken - it's more 'food preparation' rather than cooking. Still - happy with my progress.

4. Keep a tidy house

This one has its good weeks and bad weeks. On a whole, I've really improved this year, but this is a good reminder that next weekend (after my study is finished for the year) I need to do a good spring clean.

5. Spend more time on me

Again, this has its good weeks and bad weeks. I'm not taking care of my skin as much as I should, however the weight loss and increased fitness has resulted in my skin not needing as much maintenance. I'm paying a little more attention to my outfits as more clothes fit me again and that's a lot of fun. However the time I'm spending exercising I would also include as time for myself, so all in all I'm doing well.

That was all a lot more positive than I thought it would be. It's turning into a really good year - I can see improvements across all aspects of my life, and that's all I can really ask for.

How are your resolutions going? Did you forget them like I have? When will you start thinking about resolutions for 2011? It is 21 October, after all...


Jane said...

International Nacho Day?! I like that!

My resolutions for this week were to eat better and exercise more. So far, so good. I have eaten a little more junk that I would've ideally liked, but whatevs.

I don't think I had any resolutions for the whole year - I'm sort of just taking it all as it comes xx


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