Saturday, October 23, 2010

Still running...

This week has not been great for my running, and add that to a very poor week for my diet and I'm expecting a net gain of about 500g when I weigh myself tomorrow. Not cool, Jodi, not cool.

After Tuesday's  minor high-heel related ankle injury I ran my 5km in 27.08. I know, that's still pretty good, but I had to walk a lot because of the pain in my ankle. On Wednesday I rested because I was still feeling sore, and on Thursday it was International Nacho Day, and who seriously can run after that? Last night I had a bad reaction to a short black and was too dizzy to run. This morning my hair tie broke (excuses, excuses, but you try it with hair as long as mine).

So tonight, after running 3km this morning, I ran my full 5km. At an average speed of 12.12km/hr.

I have decided that from now I will still try to better my time, probably once a week or so, however I'm probably best served choosing a time - 25.30 sounds good for now - and just setting the pace on the treadmill and pacing it out rather than racing myself each day.

Anyway, I think I have blogged more than enough for today - I'm probably going to do the two runs tomorrow, and again on Monday. 8km at the pace I'm running is a bit over 500 calories - solid workouts that will really help me shift these final 8kg.


Krissy said...

Wow, your average speed is pretty good! I've just started running 10km/h on my treadmill and it kills me!! Oh well, practice makes perfect right! hehe


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