Friday, November 12, 2010

Body image...

Does your stomach look like this when you sit cross-legged? No, mine doesn't either...

I was thinking about this week and how it has flown. I have been super productive at work but still it has not been a good week. This is because of a two minute conversation a few days ago that got me down and has stuck with me since.

I was at work and the girls in the office had been chatting together for a few minutes. As I was walking past them, they called me over. They said, "Jodi, we think we can make the perfect woman if we combine all of our body parts. What is your best feature? You can't say your hair because we've already used that."

I gave it about five seconds of thought, but I already knew the answer. "I don't have a best feature."

Now I'm not looking for pity and I'm not looking for comments to boost my ego. I know that it's sad that I think so little of my appearance, but right now, that's just the way it is. It wasn't this way five years ago, and I probably won't be this way come Christmas time. I never participate in Body Love days through blogs and twitter, and I don't read others' posts, because it just makes me feel annoyed that I let myself get to this point where I can't pick a bit of me that I wouldn't want smaller.

At the time I was upset over it - I also let it get to me that they had no suggestions as to what my best features were (not that I was after them), and I took that to mean that they wouldn't want any of my features anyway. How silly and girly is that? Girls and their overthinking of things. Don't worry, I'm over it now.

If anything, I'm just more determined to get this stupid weight off, and then not only will I feel good about myself and be healthy (which is ultimately the most important thing), but I'll also be able to suggest features* when shallow girls ask me these really, really important life questions.

* If you're wondering, my best features will be my arms. So there.


Sass said...

as someone who has met you I can tell you that you are lovely in every way!

So there!!


Jane said...

Soooo... I haven't met you, so can't pick out your best feature as such....

But I can't wait to see your sexy arms in January!


missea said...

Thanks girls.

Don't worry, I'm not looking for people to tell me what they like about me, just wanted to vent :)

Anonymous said...

Your GORGEOUS skin! It's beautiful and I am totally envious.

It's been a weird week for me, I feel like I've got some kind of sleeping or lazy illness going on, very bizarre.


Aspiring Domestic Goddess said...

I think it is so hard to pick a fave feature, as I am not particulary happy with my bod.
I guess I would pick my shoulders. They stay slim haha.


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