Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Over the last 10 days I have been to three concerts. I thought I'd put up a few of the photos I took on each particular evening.

Sunday 5 December - muse

Muse is my favourite band on the planet. They have been my favourite band on the planet since 1999, before they got cool. I will go and see them every time they come (though not to festivals, I just can't do festivals).

They played every song that I hoped they would, including a few from their first couple of albums (e.g. Feeling Good). I got video as well, but couldn't be stuffed figuring out how to get it on the blog. The show was visually spectacular, as you expect from muse.

 The podiums they were standing on raised and lowered.

Wednesday 8 December - U2

I didn't really want to go to this concert - it was a lot of money and I'm not a big U2 fan. I guess in hindsight I'm glad I went, but I wouldn't go to see them again. While the show was on such a large stage and was just HUGE, I still did prefer muse.

Jay-Z opened and was on stage for around 50 minutes, and then U2 played for over 2 hours. Just when I thought it was over they'd take the stage again and play more. I had waited all night for With or Without You but Bono couldn't sing all of it - I think his voice was going.

Tuesday 14 December - Bon Jovi

This is my little sister's band of choice whereby I agreed to spend any amount to go and see them with her. She will do the same when Bruce Springsteen comes to Australia.

This concert was last night and so is most fresh in my mind. It was AMAZING. We had fantastic seats.

They played my favourite Bon Jovi song - In These Arms, but not J's - Bed of Roses. That's OK though because J is such a huge fan that she was happy regardless. I would pay to go and see them again tomorrow, if they were doing more than one show!

For your viewing pleasure, some photos taken by both myself and J.

 The security guard had very sensible shoes.

 I just love where the hand is placed here.

And the support band - I could not take my eyes away from this dude's leggings as pants. And not in a good way.


Katie said...

Oh. I am jealous!
Great pictures too!
The hand one is hilarious.


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