Friday, December 17, 2010

Look what I have...

Also, because I bought a gown from Lisa Ho, I got to choose one of their perfumes, usually $170. I chose this one:

It's not what I will wear at the wedding, but it's lovely for now.

The dress doesn't appear online or in the catalogue, though I wouldn't have posted them anyway because EA reads this (hi EA!) - also I want to keep up some mystery about the wedding. Suffice to say that it was the only dress that I have literally jumped up and down in with excitement. It's definitely the one. I have to get it taken in around my ribs and shortened, but I'm not going to do that until about May, as I don't know what my weight will do. All I know is that I can't put any weight around my butt/thighs - it's good just how it is, but I don't want to feel self-conscious in it. It's quite drapey, not at all princess-y.

The Lisa Ho head office was kind enough to send me photos of the dress on a mannequin, so I can show people who want to see it in the meantime.

So in the new year I can look for shoes and jewellery, and I can now decide how I should wear my hair/makeup. All that will wait for around March/April though.

I can recommend Jessica at Lisa Ho in Wintergarden - both times I went in (the first by myself, the second with my little sister) she was super helpful, honest and lovely.

So excited!


The Fit Girl said...

VERY excited to see you have chosen a Lisa Ho - gorgeous!

Little Poppy said...

So excited for you!! xo

Kellyansapansa said...

Wow, I cannot wait to see your dress, it sounds fabulous! Looking forward to hearing more about your wedding plans - feel free to pop over to if you want to do some anonymous sharing - it can be so hard keeping things to yourself!


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