Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winery weekend...

A few weeks ago EA, my little sis and I left on Friday afternoon to drive to Stanthorpe. For those not in Queensland, Stanthorpe is a wine region in the Granite Belt in south-east Queensland.

We went to attend an annual event held by one of our favourite wineries - Rumbalara. African Rhythms and Reds on Tap. Here are a few of the photos from the weekend:

 These flowers were everywhere throughout the area. So pretty.

 Entrance to the winery.

Not only could you pour the red wines into your glass as much as you like, but you could also go and fetch as many bottles of white as you liked. All part of the entrance price.

 Me with my tempranillo. Super yum. Yes, the glass they gave us had a lanyard. And no, I didn't arrange for my hair to look like I was standing in front of a fan.

 Some of the performers.

 Evan and I being silly

 Happy smiles

 Red wines on tap

Chocolate covered strawberries. The strawberries were grown at Strawberry Fields - we went there the next day to buy some strawberries of our own. Messy but YUM.

 More of the performers

Awesome liqueurs


I was so sad to leave. Apart from the above, we went to about 5 other wineries and came back with a car load of wine. We won't need to buy more for a long time.


Sass said...

I'm going to have to go there!


Thea said...

That is something we've never done, a trip to a winery.
Putting it on my bucket list immediately! :)
Great photos!!


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