Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I'm on a blog posting rampage today, aren't I? With another one (wedding related) scheduled for tomorrow. Wowsers. I should probably have been studying instead of blogging, but hey. What's done is done.

I just ran. I know. Again. 3 days in a row. And I know. I said that I wouldn't because my legs were so sore overnight that they were waking me up. They got better throughout the day though and now they're fine.

Average speed 8.73km/hr. I'm sooo pleased with this, though tomorrow night I am DEFINITELY walking - I don't want to overdo it.

Also, I'd just like to put out there to the weight gods that I'm not pleased about my scales seemingly being frozen at one weight. Sure, my shape is changing due to this exercise and better eating habits, but I'm a numbers girl, so come on, indulge me with some kg losses, OK? Thanks a bunch.



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