Saturday, October 16, 2010

More running...

Are you all having a lovely Saturday? It's almost over, and that's sad.

After a rough week (and fortnight) I was missing my family. I hadn't seen my dad in almost a month and so we went to his house for lunch - super yum. We had pie accompanied by mashed potato, pumpkin and onion all mixed together. I hadn't had that in years, probably not since school. I'm not a huge potato fan, but with the pumpkin (my favourite vegetable) it's delish.

I was going to nap this afternoon, but it was almost 6pm when we got home and I knew that I would never sleep tonight if I slept so late in the day. EA said he wouldn't sleep either but he was gone within about 30 seconds, and now 2.5 hours later is refusing to wake up. He didn't go to bed until 4.40am (I did type that correctly) and so I don't blame him for feeling exhausted.

So I ran to perk myself up - it always works. Another flat 5km after an uphill 5km on Wednesday night.

Average speed 11.076 km/hr. I'm pleased with that! I don't even contemplate walking anymore, and I'm finding that it's easier to run faster, getting into a good rhythm.

The best news is that my legs aren't painful anymore. For about 10 minutes after my run my right shin is a bit sore, but it eases and then disappears completely.

I'm off to watch Keeping Up with the Joneses. I'm not usually into those sorts of shows but I'm a sucker for a cute kid.

Have a great Saturday night, whatever you're doing.


Jade said...

I love mash and I'm not really a fan of pumpkin. G loves pumpkin so I end up mashing them together. YUM!


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