Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wedding hiccup #1

It's a pity that I had to give this post that name, but unfortunately the last week has been really, really awful with regards to the wedding.

For a whole bunch of reasons, we have decided not to hold our wedding at Glengariff. It wouldn't have been convenient at all for the guests, and due to some styling and other issues I just don't think it was the place for us. Yes, that TV show did play a part in me actually speaking up about it.

Monday night was spent in tears trying to figure out what we were going to do. It was definitely a Bridezilla Meltdown of Epic Proportions and I'm not proud of myself. EA was absolutely wonderful - very understanding and supportive.

So. We found ourselves back at square one. Our first thought was Bretts Wharf. We had our family engagement party there, and recently we went there again for EA's birthday dinner. The food is AMAZING and the views of the river are lovely. We met with the wedding coordinator there today to discuss having our wedding at Bretts, and I think on a whole it will be lovely. Our only concern is that they need to close the restaurant between 3 - 5pm, so if we have the ceremony at 3.30pm (which we'll have to in winter for light purposes - sunset is at 5pm) then by 4.15pm or so when the ceremony is done and we've had some photos with the family the guests will have to find something to do for 45 minutes before canapes and drinks can be served.

I've been to weddings before where there has been a gap in between the wedding and reception. Do any of you lovely readers have suggestions as to how we can solve this problem? The ceremony would be on site. We could send everyone across the road to a nice bar with a small tab, but for the older guests they may not want to do that, and I don't want to leave them there twiddling their thumbs...

I think that my expectations are too high for this thing - I want river views or city views, with hotels nearby for guests. It also has to have lovely food and not be prohibitively expensive. We're willing to pay for a lovely night, but not $200 a head!

At this point though we have no other real worries about the venue. EA, my sister J and I also had lunch there today. I needed to have the chowder again, and happily they also said they could put it onto the menu for the wedding - yay!

New England style seafood chowder - tiger prawns, reef fish, prawns, clams, bacon 

Grilled squid, octopus, scallops, seaweed, bamboo shoots, pickled chilli 

Hanoi style seafood spring rolls, Vietnamese mint, sweet chilli 

Lemon and parsley crumbed fish, French fries, tartare sauce, Greek salad 

Darling Downs beef, pistachio butter, fennel, lemon roasted potatoes 

Seafood plate - Mooloolaba prawns, natural oyster, salmon brandade, chargrilled squid, chorizo and capsicum, western Australian lobster and avocado cocktail, beer battered fish, tartare sauce, grilled tiger prawn, seared scallop and heart of palm salad, French fries and aioli (on side)

Seafood plate from the other side - nice Alice McCall top, J!


Jane said...

I'm sure it'll be a lovely wedding, whatever you choose to do!

With regards to the ceremony/reception gap, I went to a wedding in April where the ceremony was at the same place as the reception in a little courtyard outside the main dining area. When the Mr & Mrs went off for photos after the ceremony, guests were sent around to a deck/balcony type thing on the other side of the dining area where canapes and champagne were served before the reception officially started. It was really nice, and really easy for the guests as well.

All that seafood looks amazing! xx

missea said...

Hey Jane - unfortunately they can't start serving the canapes/drinks until 5pm, otherwise we'd be doing just that! It's a pickle!!!

It is seriously good food. I'd be hungry thinking about it but I'm still full!!! :)

Polly6034 said...

Is there somewhere at Brett's that people could mingle, without food/drink? Out of towners may like to go on a citycat/ferry ride in that 45 min break? And if people really want a drink, they could go across the road to the bar.

It's really not a very long time for them to keep themselves amused, so I wouldn't stress too much about it.

I must go to Brett's Wharf - I've lived in Brisbane for 18 years and never been!


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