Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hello Stranger...

After a year and a half of radio silence, I've decided that I miss keeping this blog and I'm bringing it back to life. To summarise my last year and a half:

  • I got married.
  • I went to Europe for our honeymoon and to this day get teary when I think about the wonderful time we had and how I miss it.
  • I changed jobs. Twice.
  • We bought a block of land.
  • We've taken a few mini-breaks.
  • I finished all of my CPA subjects.
  • I bought a new car (this is the most recent news).
I'll blog about all of these things at some point, but for the moment I just wanted to note down what I've bought today. Oh how I love the end of financial year sales, some fantastic bargains out there.


How amazing is Decjuba? I want to own almost all of their pieces this season. There used to be a store in Brisbane but it's been gone for years now. Very sad. Online shopping will have to suffice for now.




I know. Katies. Usually I wouldn't even think of looking in Katies (though I have bought a couple of nice scales in there recently) but I saw these and thought I'd give them a red hot go. Boy am I glad I did - they're extremely flattering. Probably due to the stretch fabric - oh boy do they stretch. Looking forward to wearing them with heels for work or dressed down on the weekends.

I'm amused to see that I've basically bought an entire outfit here. In a few weeks I'm heading up to Maleny for a friend's wedding - I have the Friday up there by myself before my husband travels up and I think I'll wear the dress, scarf, boots and black tights to look around the shops in Maleny and Montville for the day. Now I just have to find a leather jacket to finish the look. Can't wait.

On that note, I'm off to sort through my wardrobes.



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