Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have wanted to learn to sew properly for years. In year 8 we had to take a semester of Home Economics, where I made a pair of disgusting khaki shorts. At the time I thought they were super cool, and they fit me really well. If I could do that in year 8, surely I can learn to take up the hem on my pants and jeans, right?

One of my friends is quite good at sewing, and has been taking some classes to expand on her skills. She has made some awesome tunics and top/dress type things and I desperately want to be able to do that too. She makes awesome clothes for about $5 a piece. Bargain!

So, first step is to buy a sewing machine. I just want something super simple, because if I really suck or if I completely lose interest then I haven't lost too much money. I'm thinking something like this, which is on sale for $199:

If any of you lovely bloggers can suggest a better sewing machine around the $200 mark for me to learn on, then please feel free to let me know!


Polly6034 said...

There is a sewing machine half price this week at Target, $163 - being an awful sewer, I have no idea what it's like though!! I'd love to be able to sew, but I really have no patience for patterns and the like.

How's your exercise and healthy eating going? x Polly


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