Monday, March 1, 2010

Resolutions update...

It's that time again - I can only really name one of my resolutions, so that means I'm definitely ready for a reminder.

1. Eat better and exercise

Oh dear. I have had a rotten two weeks. I didn't go to the gym for 13 days, and it's really lucky I didn't put a stack of weight back on.

The miracle is that I've continued to lose weight and size. My tsubis now fit beautifully, even if they're the pair that is two sizes bigger than my goal pair. I'll take it as a win. I have still only lost about 4kg in all, however the size difference is really quite noticeable. A girl at my Christmas party came up to me at one point and commented that I had lost a fuckload of weight. I don't talk to her that often, so it was really nice that somebody who didn't know about my weight loss goal had noticed.

On Saturday, after my huge night out, I weighed another 1kg less, however I've now ascertained that I was just severely, severely dehydrated. Oh well, that was my weight and so I wrote it in my diary. Like I said before, I'll take it as a win. We'll just forget that I then feasted on sausage rolls, Maccas, Indian, croissants, pies and KFC for the rest of the weekend. I'm now back to where I was on Friday after a trip to the gym last night (ran 2.25km, was surprised that I still had some fitness) so I'm not too upset.

I have now also realised that I do not need to lose another 15kg. I only need to lose another 10kg. Here is a photo of me when I was probably 15kg lighter (taken 3.5 years ago):

I sort of agree with EA and my sister that I was a bit gaunt then. If through healthy eating and exercise I naturally get to that again, then that's fine, but I'm not going to be silly until I get there. This is probably where I want to be (taken 3 years ago):

Just not quite as bony.

Anyway, all in all I'm happy.

3. Cook more

This has gone big fat nowhere.

4. Keep a tidy house

Ditto with this one (however my desk is still neat - or at least it will be after a quick tidy after I post this blog).

5. Spend more time on me

I've been doing OK with this one. To be honest I'm including my study and exercise as spending time on me, because it really is trying to better myself rather than just lazing about watching telly.

I have, however, been really good with my skin routine over the last week or so. I am on the mailing list for Olay - I have mentioned in a previous post that Olay skincare does just as much, if not more, for my skin than the high end brands. Anyway, an email was offering a free set of the new Olay Pro-X range that is now in stores and retailing for about $80.

I was one of the first to register, and so I was sent the entire pack, full size, for nothing. I've been using it for a few days, day and night, and it's really good so far. My skin has picked up (which it needed to do because I'd been slack for about a week). I'll be interested to see how it improves over the 28 days.

So I'm still going better than expected with resolutions, which is to say that they haven't been totally forgotten. There is still hope that by the end of the year I'll be able to cross them all off and say that I have changed my life with regards to each of them - so far so good.


miss carly said...

try a meal plan for the cooking - it worked for me :)

ooh i want some olay stuff. my skin is getting really bad at the moment.


you can do it!

missea said...

I think the meal plan is a great idea - I'm going to give it a go!

I love Olay. The Regenerist stuff is lovely. Plus the Total Effects. It's cheap, but it works.

miss carly said...

i can show you some of my old ones if you want :)

i love olay. once i use up my current stuff im going back to it. it makes my skin feel and look great :)

Oh, Natalie.. said...

I should be doing number 4...
Thanks for the quick ProX review, itnerested to see what you think in 28 days!

x Nat

missea said...

Number 4 is overrated. If there's one that I don't keep, it will be that one.

I'll do a proper review in a few weeks when I have more to go on - I've set a reminder so I don't forget!


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