Monday, March 1, 2010

Merry Christmas...

It's been a while - I've been so busy with work and study that I've just been far too tired to do anything else. Hopefully I'll get back into a good routine with my blogging now, as it's very therapeutic.

We had our (belated) work Christmas party on Friday night. We went to the Limes Hotel, to the rooftop bar. The drinks were expensive (lucky work was paying), but the venue was quite nice.

Because I need to get over my self-consciousness regarding photos, I'll put a couple up. Beware: I can't remember large chunks of the night - these are very drunk photos. My hair was straight earlier in the day! The middle photo is EA. He's super drunk and extra happy.

OK that's enough now. One day I'll be photogenic.

I met some lovely girls (partners of the IT guys - the IT guys in my company are super lucky), and I'll be catching up with one of them next week. New people are fun.

On another note, I think these photos give a good idea of my hair colour. It has been agreed by most who I've spoken to that I should go darker. So darker I will go. I don't know when, I don't know how (salon or home job) but I will. Soon.


Thea said...

One day is today. You're gorgeous!!! :)


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