Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Resolutions update...

It's time for another resolutions update. I've made some progress and taken a couple of giant steps backwards.

1. Eat better and exercise

Oh dear. I am now floating around 900g above where I was. It's not the end of the world, though. I haven't been to the gym in about a week which is very naughty - I wonder if going tonight would make my cold go away. Thoughts anyone? I've also not been doing very well with the old diet - Easter really doesn't help things. I've eaten my weight in hot cross buns and chocolate. Look how much chocolate EA and I still have to consume!

I think we'll have to ration it out over the next few months. We actually haven't eaten that much chocolate up until now, so this collection is almost all of the chocolate that we were given. I'm so sure that we gave less per person this year, but we exchanged chocolate with more people. Doesn't quite work out.

Anyway, back into a healthy routine this week. Due to other aspects of my life that are sorting themselves out I have some motivation to continue in my quest for healthy habits...

2. Become 2/3 of a CPA

I don't usually update on this, but my exams are coming up - they're now less than a month away. Holy shit. I think I'm going to be very sleepy for the next month. I'm in a much better position than I was this time last semester though, mostly because I've been fitting in study before work most days. The hour here and there really helps.

3. Cook more

Do dips count? If so, then check! I have also made quite a few coffees in the last few days. I'll take that as a win also. Mostly though I've been fairly slack, but again I'll blame Easter and move on.

4. Keep a tidy house

This is where I've given myself a huge pat on the back. I've mentioned before that I let things go at home sometimes, unlike at work where I'm quite pedantic about things being in their place. Over the last few weeks we've cleaned the house completely. We took a huge trailer load of rubbish (old furniture, etc.) to the tip and it feel so good to be rid of some 'stuff'. I can now say that our entire house is tidy. There are things we can still do - sort cupboards and cull more stuff, mop the floors, etc. - but right now I'm really, really happy with how the place looks.

You've no idea (or perhaps you do) of how having a clean and tidy house takes weight from one's shoulders. I can relax completely. Even something as small as putting a plate straight into the dishwasher instead of on the sink makes me smile a little with relief - it's one less thing I'll have to do later. I'm now trying to think about these things and just do them as I go, a bit at a time. I've been trialling the method of cleaning/tidying for 10 minutes every day and it's really working. A quick whip-around and there's not much left to be done.

Now I just have to redecorate to an extent. I've thrown out a lot of knick-knacks and things that I don't want/need anymore. I wonder if I'll take more pride in our house once we buy our own.

This is our house by the way - don't mind the wheelie bin and trailer full of green waste - as I mentioned, we had a busy Friday.

5. Spend more time on me

If sleeping counts, then check, because I've been so, so tired that I've been going to sleep at around 7.30pm some nights. I've become slack with my skin routine, so I'd better smarten up because my skin was getting really good there for a minute. I was going to try and have a bath every few nights and put on a face mask, but it just never happens. Might try to do that this week too.

Do any of you still have resolutions on the go? I'd love to hear how you're going with them.


Megan said...

Great update and your house is soooo gorgeous!

Jade said...

Ugg. My house is an absolute tip at the moment. I cannot wait until the cleaner comes tomorrow (How spoilt do I sound?).

My resolutions have flown out the window, the only one I've kept is to keep going to the gym once a week!


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