Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Study break...

How is everyone's week going?

Mine has been busy, but really good so far. I'm a corporate accountant, and I love nothing more than month end. This month it's special because it's also quarter end and the end of the FBT year, so I'm busy busy busy preparing accounts and workpapers. This is the part of the job I love - just preparing the accounts. Someone else can take the high level financial analysis - I'm happy just doing journals. Unfortunately my role is not meant to centre around preparing accounts, so I cherish the first weeks of the month.

EA is at work late tonight. Something to do with a whatsit in cardiology. I don't know. EA's job is hard. What's harder is the 61 resumes and application essays that he has to read before tomorrow - have fun EA!

So I'm home alone, taking a study break (and let's be honest, the study has been going very slowly this evening). I like being home alone. I love when EA is here too, but there's something relaxing about having the house to yourself. I also don't get as distracted when EA isn't home. Having said that, I'm going to do some more work on my JD assignment and then I'm going to straighten my hair in my next study break while I watch an episode of Cougar Town. It's a seriously funny show. If I look as good as Courtney Cox when I'm her age, then MAN! EA scored!

As you can probably gather by now I don't have a lot of news. It's now under 14 months until we get married. Holy cow. Time is flying. It's the middle of April everyone - did you notice that?!?! In two months I'll be trying on wedding dresses and going nutty over colour schemes. Get ready everyone. I promised EA I wouldn't bombard him with wedding talk, so you're all going to have to take it for the team.

Another thing I'm doing in two months is going to Melbourne with my little sister for the June long weekend. Fly out Friday afternoon, come back late Monday night. I haven't been to Melbourne since about 2004, so I'm super excited. Little sis has never been - she'll be staying the whole week and I am not entirely sure she's going to come back. She hasn't booked a return flight yet - there something you want to tell me, J?

Anyway, we'll go on Puffing Billy, see the Lions vs Bulldogs game, go to the markets, the zoo, the museum and then just wander around wherever we like. If anyone has any recommendations on things to do and see in Melbourne, feel free to comment and let me know.

Better get back to work, I guess. And because nobody likes text only posts, a photo of my future husband (I have several). Little sis took this a few years ago because I was too scared to go anywhere near him. He's my favourite AFL player EVER.

Peace out.


Lucas Willett said...

Must go to Lygon Street and eat at Papa Gino's Pizza. Also Koko Black - best chocolates ever. Also, a gelati shop on Lygon Street - one of the girls is from Brisbane. Also, 5 Senses coffee (http://www.fivesensescoffee.com.au/). Also, Lentil as Anything - a vegan restaurant where you pay what you think the food is worth. Also, Ackland Street - om nom nom, pastries. Also, there's a great Thai place in Carlton but I can't remember where.

Can you tell I want to live in Melbourne?

missea said...

Thanks Lucas - I don't even think I'll be there for that many meals! We're mostly looking for sightseeing type things, places in Melbourne that must not be missed.

As far as food goes, I think that we'll just wander around wherever we find ourselves until something inspires us. Hopefully all of the walking we will be doing will mean that we can eat whatever we want. So exciting!

Jade said...

Is EA a doctor? Or just something to do with Cardiology?

Your trip to Melbourne sounds fun! I always used to love going to Chapel Street (but not on the weekend, too busy!) and just walking from Toorak Rd all the way down to Windsor Train Station. There used to be a really nice cafe just after the Jam Factory building, but you know, I've bloody forgotten the name of it.

missea said...

Jade - no, not a doctor - he is the technical services manager. It's IT, but to a higher degree. Not fixing printers or anything like that. Whatever he is doing tonight had to be done when they're not testing patients. He spends a fair bit of time in radiology and cardiology.

As you can probably tell I don't really understand a lot of what he does. A lot of it is just managing his staff. He likes getting his hands on the technical side of it like tonight. He really loves his job which is great. He sits up until after midnight each night working from home!

How is your husband liking his new job?

Jade said...

Ahh ok then! I just saw cardiology and assumed :)

G is loving his new job!

Aspiring Domestic Goddess said...

All your finance talk made my eyes glaze over.
S if a Financial planner/stock broker and whenever he talks finance I just drift off into another world.
My Dad is also a finance director but he knows better than to talk about to me haha.

I can't wait to hear all your wedding plans! Have you already booked the venue etc?

missea said...

^ Helloooo :)

We have booked a venue - www.glengariff.com.au - plus we've booked a celebrant and something else, but I can't remember what. Oh, accommodation for me for the night before (at a gorgeous bed and breakfast across the road).

EA has to find a photographer next.

How is your planning going? You must be super excited about your engagement party!


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