Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Oroton...

Dear Oroton,

We need to have a serious talk.

I often refer to myself as an Oroton whore. I have bags, keyrings, wallets, coin purses, key holders, diaries and makeup cases that have cost many of my dollars over the years. I came to the decision some months ago now that I did not like your new designs, nor would I like any of your future designs.

Why then, am I obsessed with your current sale?!?!

For example, the Abbey Tote. What's the go? Did I say you could bring out another tote of such perfection? Don't think so. Nor did I say that you could put it on freakin' sale!

Then the Bahamas Coin Key Purse - your blue nights colour is very lovely - but really, is it necessary?

I've wanted one of these Havana Chain Bracelets for over a year now, and you finally decide to put them on sale? What's with that?

I even like it in tan!

Now I have to change my rules. I am allowed to like your new products, I'm just not allowed to buy them for myself. If, say, my little sister wanted to purchase something for my birthday though - I'd totally be OK with that.

I hope you're happy with yourself, Oroton.

Love Jodi x


Aspiring Domestic Goddess said...

Haha how funny I just did an oroton post aswell :)

missea said...


Jade said...

Ugg, I so know how you feel. The worst bit is that I can't buy Oroton over here. I have to get it shipped.

The Kara K Project said...

I love That bracelet!! HOT! I think I want the tan one though.. ohh but the black is nice too!

Hmmm.. I see your dilemma :P

- KK

Flit About said...

Big fan of those bracelets. Next time I'm at Chaddie I will have to pick up a couple. They better not be sold out!!


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