Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I know that a few people who read this blog wear nail polish (Natalie from Lemon Butter, I'm talking to you!). What better place to post my questions regarding the painting of one's nails.

I've decided that when I start my new job I'm going to wear nail polish. It makes me feel nice. Plus everyone else is doing it. So I've started practicing. I spent a whole $10 on 5 nail polishes this afternoon when I was at the chemist. Why so cheap? Because I need practice, that's why, and I also have no idea what colours would suit me, so I got a random selection to try out. EA swears the darker colours look better. I'm reserving judgment for now, however I suspect he's correct.

I've now put on and then taken off nail polish 3 times. I wanted to leave on the last attempt, however I then went and touched a nail and left a fingerprint. Very frustrating - I was so sure that they were dry.

I have the following questions:

1. I put 2/3 coats on, with a base coat and then a top coat. Is this too much? Could this be why the whole freaking lot of it peeled right off when I agitated it just once?

2. After about 10 minutes I got a dent (not to be confused with a chip) on one nail. Like a crescent sort of shape from touching the nail with the tip of another nail. Could this be because I put on too many coats? Or do you need more than 10 minutes for polish to dry?

3. If I had bought better quality polish, would any of above have happened? I did notice that one in particular was less streaky than the other two. Is that just the luck of the draw? Or is that because it was my third attempt and I had become more talented?

4. Is all nail polish remover the same, or should I invest in a more expensive one? Something tells me I'll be going through a lot of it.

If you have any recommendations of a reasonably cheap but good quality polish, please please please feel free to comment. I actually think my nails look nicer with polish and I've had so much fun playing this evening.


Katie said...

What is it about nail polish that makes one feel good?
I dont know. But I like it.
Also, dont even get me started on TOE NAIL POLISH.

Jane said...

One word: RIMMEL!

Less than $8 and really good quality. I recommend it to all my girlfriends.

I have it in about every single colour and use it so much that I need to buy another bottle of my favourite shade - Coralicious.

missea said...

Thank you Jane! I'll definitely buy some Rimmel today. I saw some for about $5.95 (on sale) at Kmart yesterday - not sure why I didn't pick it up...

Katie - I can't even believe that I didn't think of toe nail polish. I'm such an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I am addicted to nail polish!
I lovelovelove Kit's nail polish. Is pricey ($16) but I find they are easy to apply and have the most awesome range of colours. Currently wearing a gorgeous dark purple colour with a hint of metallic in it.

Little A. said...

I love nail polish. Ddon't worry, practice makes perfect :) I used to be horrible at it but have gotten better. If you're worried about them looking not so nice while you're trying them out I suggest lighter colours - the mistakes are less obvious than darker colours.

My fave brands are Ulta3, Kit and Sportsgirl. Have tried Opi, Australis and Rimmel, they all chipped like mad the same day I applied!

Also, I use 2 - 3 coats depending on the opacity of the polsih + a top coat (Ulta3 non chip). Phew, essay, hope this helps, let me know if you have anymore questions!

stylebake said...

I love OPI nail polish. I swear by it!



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