Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Perfume through the ages...

Well, not really. I only have about 3 sprays of my perfume left which is making me think about what I'd like next. I'm not sure if I should go with something I've had before, something completely new, or a cheaper alternative. I wear perfume almost every day and I spray far too liberally, however my last bottle has lasted for almost 18 months so that's not too bad.

In high school and at the start of uni I was very much into white musk and vanilla scents. I still love them. My first more expensive perfume was Davidoff Echo.

Followed by Calvin Klein Euphoria.

I then requested Fantasy by Britney Spears for Christmas from my father and sister. I couldn't bear the thought of purchasing it for myself. When Dad realised who it was by he was appalled. But hey, it's nice!

EA got me Daisy by Marc Jacobs as part of my Christmas present in 2008. This is the one that's almost gone. So sad.

I've always like Miss Dior Cherie, however EA and my sister hate it. It's sad given that I'd like to wear something that EA can tolerate.

Do any of you lovely ladies (or gents, I don't discriminate) have some suggestions for me? They'd be muchly appreciated...


Jane said...

Marc Jacobs Daisy is such a pretty scent. I used it for a year or two until recently when I found Dolce & Gabbana L'Imperatrice. That one smells like peach iced tea!

I love smelling the perfumes that I used to wear when I was younger. It always brings back so many memories. Unfortunately I can never seem to find the two that I wore during high school - Amor Amor and Ralph Lauren Blue.

Little A. said...

MM Marc Jacobs Daisy is my favourite. I have the black one as well as the original - obsessed much.

I would suggest MJ Lola, I love it. It's my fave (well on par with Daisy anyway) Am hopeless at describing things so won't even bother trying but have a sniff!

If you're looking to spend a bit more $$ I also love Chanel Chance.

Chopard Wish is also a cheapie but a goodie :) hope this helps!

Ps. My guilty pleasure is Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy - it smells like lollies and the lasting power is amazing!

Kelly said...

I agree with Little A above.. Midnight Fantasy by Britney is one of my fave perfumes! (what can i say whitetrash makes good perfume who would have thunk it!).. However i like you never buy it myself LOL i always manage to get someone else to buy it for me!,


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