Monday, June 7, 2010

Random photos...

I've been playing around with Albie (the new MacBook Pro) and I've put all of the photos from my iPhone into iPhoto. One of these days I'm going to have to go through and label everything and then bring over the photos from my old laptop, but for now I've only been able to manage deleting some unwanted photos.

Some very random photos that survived the cull:

EA looks at me like this all the time. I wonder what it means...

The pavlova I made a while ago - looking good as it went into the oven...

Looking not as good when it came out.

EA took me to dinner at our favourite restaurant near our house last week. This was his eye fillet wrapped in prosciutto served with spinach and porcini mash.

This was my parpadelle marinara. Doesn't look like it from the photo (my iPhone and the lighting weren't friends) but there was a LOT of fresh seafood in here...

Yum yum.

Having some fun with Hipstamatic (iPhone app) as I was on the train home).

More fun with Hipstamatic as I picked EA up from somewhere a few weeks ago.

Somerset Dam picnic.

The view from Mt. Glorious.

EA's (read: MY) Pacman pyjama pants. A little cold for them at the moment as they're cotton. They're also way too big, but I don't let that stop me.

A salad I made for lunch a few weekends ago. Love balsamic.

My legs are crossed, so don't go thinking I put my shoes on the wrong feet. I got these for $7 from Kmart. On a cost per wear they ended up at about 3c. Unfortunately they need to be thrown out now - I wish I'd bought more. This was taken at the Toowoomba Show as we sat down to eat lunch and watch the dog show.


Jane said...

I love random photos! Especially the food ones- I have so many of them on my iPhone. No idea why I take them, but it's so fun to look back through them. xx

Jade said...

Cool photos! I had to restore my iPhone and lost heaps of great photos. I'm so mad!


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