Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shoe Therapy...

One of my favourite blogs to read is The Blonde Leopard. I love looking at Rachel's outfits. I always notice her flats that are from Therapy, and so today I decided to take a look at the website. Happily enough, they have an online store, and not only that but they have the mother of all sales. Here is what I bought (remember you love me EA):








The amazing thing? All of these, together, including postage, cost $128.60.

I will never need to buy shoes again!

I never had a shoe fetish, but at prices like these I just might get one. I know that they're not leather, but I treat my shoes pretty badly - I'm constantly tripping over things and walking through puddles - so investing lots of dosh on shoes is just silly for me.

Check out the sale everyone - you can thank me later...


Fi said...

Nice haul. You can never have too many shoes. I love the zips on the boots.

Bee said...

I buy lots of shoes from this site, but just make you don't buy them full price unless you really love (and couldn't live without them if you missed out). They always have sales and unfortunately I learnt the hard way, by wasting lots and lots of money.

missea said...

Sorry to hear that Bee - all of those pairs were on sale for $9.95, except for the boots that were $19.95. I never spend much on my shoes so I'll be sure to only buy on sale :) Thanks for the warning!

Rachel said...

Thank you so much for linking me! I'm so flattered.
Great haul, i'm definitely checking the website out now xx


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