Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bunya Mountains and other photos...

I remembered that I haven't posted any of the photos that EA took from our long weekend at the Bunya Mountains. Despite the rain, it was a really beautiful, relaxing weekend.

The house we stayed in

EA took this photos of the wallabies - there were literally hundreds roaming around, and so many joeys!

The view from our deck

A little blue wren

Festoon falls - just a trickle unfortunately, not like the falls from when I was young

The top of the falls

Such beautiful trees in the rainforest

I recommend visiting the Bunyas - it's only 3 hours from Brisbane and is just beautiful. They have hundreds of houses to rent and campsites. Plus there are some lovely restaurants up there as well.

I also have several photos from events in the last few months that I liked. EA was playing around with his portrait lens at his mum's house, taking photos of her garden:

We went to barefoot bowls at Merthyr Bowls Club a while ago for a birthday party:

You can see my bown still rolling - I don't like to look at the disaster that is my lawn bowls...

Me and EA's brother's girlfriend


WrenRennard said...

how beautiful! ahhhh i so need a mini holiday, i'm going insane!!! x


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