Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Covet list...

Two covet lists in two days. Must be a record. Generally these posts make me feel better about the fact that I'm saving money and not buying things (I just come on here to look at the pretty clothes and jewellery and then my need to purchase lessens). However, sometimes, it just makes me depressed that I can't just go out and blow my money on whatever I like. Oh well.

I spent a couple of hours on asos last night. I always end up with about a million items in my shopping cart, but I have to narrow down to a more affordable figure. Obviously, these items added together do not equal affordable, but take out all but one watch and it's nearing a reasonable figure...

All prices are in US dollars, and a couple of items have featured on this blog before. The dress is my absolute favourite. I really, really want to buy it.

Zip front camisole $37.07

Printed bias cut dipped hem dress $53.92

Multi coloured animal scarf $8.43

Michael Kors chronograph watch $284.77

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch $294.88

Karen Millen custom chain bracelet $90.99

Buckle shoulder bag $42.13

Abstract draped print top $37.07


Anonymous said...

I went a bit ASOS mad too last Friday night for Spring/Summer items, I love their sales you can always find some good decent stuff.

Love Ms Stef...


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