Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hilde Heim...

I cannot wait until I can try on wedding gowns. And yes, I know I could do it anytime I want, but I'm still not feeling thin enough.

One of the first stops I'll make will be to Hilde Heim. I will probably try on every style available, as I really don't know what will look good on me until it's on.

Not only are these gowns reasonably priced (most are under $3,000), but they're also quite unique. And based near my house! I like some of the gowns from both Hilde Heim's collection and also Rembo Styling:

Here are some of my options:

I think I have mentioned before, but I will again - I won't be posting the actual dress that I choose because I don't want EA to see it. I will continue to put up my ideas though, and one of them will probably be the dress!


Thea said...

So pretty!!! You are going to have so much fun when you do try them on. :)

Rachel said...

They are all soo beautiful

Cate P said...

ooooh, they would all be spectacular.

WrenRennard said...

Woo hoo! I tried on wedding dresses about a month ago - It was so much fun. I tried on 6 of the same brand (which didn't seem like many!) and fell in love with them all!
But in the end I chose the right one :)
So exciting!


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