Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dress inspiration...

I'm still not ready to buy a wedding dress, but we're gradually narrowing down the style and colour.

I know that ivory is best on me. I also don't think that strapless or halterneck looks very nice.

I'm after something fairly fitted, but not too slinky.

I saw these on Ebay. It's only $150 but not worth the risk. Still, great to take along to the designer when I eventually put in my order! I think I'll have to start cutting photos out of my bridal magazines, so that I can point out which skirts, tops, backs, fabrics I like, etc. so that we can put it all together.


Little Poppy said...

this one looks really pretty!

Thea said...

That is lovely!!!!

Sass said...

That dress is mega amazing!!

You are going to make such a beautiful bride lovely!


Jade said...

WOW! These dresses are gorgeous. The lace is amazing. I bet you'd look A+ in either of them.


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