Tuesday, December 7, 2010


As I was reading Myer's Emporium magazine last month (which I now download to my iPad - yay!) I saw a full-page ad for Sirocco.

I've never seen this label before, and after emailing them I've still received no reply as to their stockists (if anyone knows please tell me!) but so many of their pieces I can see myself wearing on our honeymoon. On the day after the wedding we fly out, and I am imagining a dress over tights with a longline black cardi and a pashmina. We're flying out in winter and arriving a day later in summer, all of these will be fine over both.

As soon as I find out where this label is stocked, I'll be THERE.


Jade said...

All of those outfits (except for the B&W dress) look so good and comfortable for long haul. I'd suggest if that's the comfy look you're going for to take an extra pashmina to wrap yourself in or use as a pillow, along with a pair of thick socks for the plane so you can take off your shoes!

Now I'm going to google and see if this brand is available over here.

Rachel said...

You have an iPad?
Sooo jealous!


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