Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolutions update...

Happy new year!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. Ours was quiet, just how we like it.

I can't believe that it's 5 January - isn't the year flying by?!?! I've been so caught up in life that I'd not really taken the time to reflect on the past year or consider the coming one. Now, it's time. I have such a huge year coming up this year (new job, more study, our wedding, our honeymoon and hopefully entering the property market) and so I think it's more important than ever to set goals and monitor my progress.

2010 Resolutions:

1. Eat well and exercise

I lost exactly 8kg last year. I'm happy with that, but have more work to do. This loss was mostly a result of exercise, and could have been much improved (and therefore I would now be at my goal weight) had I eaten well all year. I went through phases, but there were a lot of excuses.

I'll call this one a pass and be happy with it.

2. Cook more

I did cook more, but nowhere near as much as I should have. It's barely a pass.

3. Keep a tidy house

I turned a corner earlier in the year and was vigilant about keeping a clean and tidy house. I seem to have  chucked a u-turn at some point, however, and now my tidiness is patchy at best. Very sad. Unfortunately I'm going to fail myself on this one.

4. Spend more time on me

I was happy with this, but when I think about it I could have done a lot better. It's selfish and vain, but I don't think I took enough pride in the way I looked. I'll pass this one, but again, barely. I'm going to get a haircut and then probably an eyebrow wax tomorrow (there should be TWO!) and I'd love to have a pedicure in the not too distant future, just for funzies.

*  *  *

Before writing this I was feeling really positive about my resolution performance, however now I realise that there was a lot more that I could have done. I adore resolutions and in 2010 more than ever before I was conscious of them. So, I have made resolutions for 2011 that I'll hopefully stick with throughout the year:

2011 Resolutions

1. Eat well and exercise

I want to lose another 6.5kg. Or thereabouts. However beyond that I need to form habits that mean I am not put in this position again of being unhappy with the way that I look. With only 5 months until our wedding I need to be vigilant so that I look my very best on the big day and beyond. EA deserves a beautiful bride!

2. Listen to more music

I have always adored music, of any kind. Over the past year I have spent more time watching TV shows and movies than listening to music, however when I do put the tunes on I can relax for hours just enjoying the music and my thoughts. I think it's more relaxing than anything else that I could do, and so I resolve to spend more time enjoying music, be it on my iPod while I'm running, lying in bed with iTunes on shuffle, teaching myself some guitar, arranging some music on my keyboard or getting out the old flute for a bit of a play. I know that I'll feel so much happier if I do.

3. Get outside and do things

Since I've been getting fitter I've felt a real desire to enjoy the great outdoors. My skin hates the sun, however there are ways around that. I want to buy a pair of trail running shoes and explore some of the tracks around my house, which is near a couple of great national parks. I'm considering joining a netball club, but that's yet to be decided. Time might be against me on that one, or more accurately my lack of it. With CPA, a wedding to finalise and a new job to tackle I should probably limit my extra-curricular responsibilities.  Still, I'll get out, enjoy the sunshine (slathered in SPF of course) and live a bit.

4. Keep a tidy house

Another repeat from last year, however while my first resolution is just a continuation, this is a complete do-over. I need to get this right. We're going to start looking to buy a house by the end of this year and while I'm sure I'll take more pride in a house that I own, if I don't keep up with chores then there is no hope for me.

5. Stop procrastinating 

There has only been one six-month period in the last 10 or so years where I have not procrastinated while studying. I remember it vividly, because I was happy and stress-free. I constantly put off doing things (i.e. study) and then inevitably I reach a deadline, have a meltdown and then completely wipe myself out by digging myself from the hole I've got myself into. It's odd that I'm never like this at work.

During the semester, if I see friends, watch TV, have a nap, or anything at all really, I can never fully enjoy it because in the back of my mind is a little whiney voice telling me that I should be doing something else (i.e. study). If I simply stick to my study planner, then once I have my tasks done for the week then I am free to watch a TV show or go for drinks with friends, and I can enjoy them without guilt. With so much going on this year I need to be extra vigilant. If it means saying no, to my friends, family or to myself, then so be it.

*  *  *

I'm happy with these resolutions. They're all attainable, which is the most important to me, however they're also a challenge, requiring concentration and discipline. I'll update every month or so like last year!

I'd love for you to link me to your resolution post, or just let me know what your resolutions are!



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