Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday afternoon...

It has been quite a nice day today. This morning I went out for Maccas breakfast, then brought it home to eat in the air con. I love that EA lets me eat in the bedroom when it's super hot.

We've been pottering about doing a bit of cleaning. The house was in desperate need of a dust. A small afternoon storm (not enough rain to cool things down) meant that the mowing can't be done. I think EA is secretly pleased. I napped and we did a lot of work in the bedroom.

I have decided that I don't like the way our house is decorated anymore. I blame Jade for linking to Home Sweet Home in her blog. Ta for that! We have candles, ornaments, vases, etc. that have mainly been given to or acquired by me over the years, and it's all so cluttered, dated, just generally not 'us'. I don't think I'm the sort of person who can live in one of those minimalist spaces - I'm always going to have books, photos, and 'things' around the place. However I'd like to start fresh, and try to make our house (though it is a rental) into a place that I like to spend time in.

The first thing that I did was throw out the fake frangipanis that were in a vase on our dresser. I know, they're so 2006. I used to love them until they got popular, then overused, then trashy. I also put away some candle holders that I bought from Dusk a few years ago. They're very pretty, but I can do better than that.

I'd like to have this little project done by the time uni and CPA starts back, so mid-February. As I make progress I'll post up some pictures...



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