Thursday, December 17, 2009

Honest Scrap Award...

I have been awarded the Honest Scrap Award by Jade from She is Jade - thanks! I love these things... I'm to list 10 honest things about myself and then pass on to 10 other bloggers.

1. I am an unashamed, unconditional fan of Bruce Springsteen. I will pay any amount of money to see him if he ever comes to Australia.

2. When I grow up, I think I want to be a uni lecturer. I love accounting, and being an accountant, but I think that I want to talk to people more, without going back into public practice. Tutoring and lecturing means that I can be involved with accounting and finance, while also being around a lot of people. In saying that though, I'd also love to work from home and have some sort of business. I'm sure that would be really lonely, and yet it's almost as attractive as the lecturing option.

3. Like Jade, I want kids immediately. We're not yet married, we are still renting (I'd like to paint bedrooms, etc.) and I'm still establishing my career, but still - I can't wait to have a family. Whenever I go on about it to EA he asks if I've taken my pill today…

4. Despite point 3, I am awful with babies. They look at me and cry. I touch them and they scream. It's so sad - I think they smell my fear. I think though that when I have my own, I'll be fine. That's the plan, anyway.

5. All of my friends and work colleagues think that I am super organised, and always on top of things. The truth is that I am a really bad procrastinator, and while my work life is very organised, my desk is very neat and I never miss deadlines, my home life is quite the opposite. I struggle with untidiness, and when it comes to study I'm a complete joke. I have a book that is supposed to help with procrastination, but I keep putting off reading it - it's that bad. Can anyone spot one of my new year's resolutions?

6. I hate the sun, and want to move somewhere cloudy and cold. Seriously. I'd happily holiday to Brisbane for a couple of weeks, but a damp, chilly place would be heaven for me. I burn extremely easily, even after just a few minutes, and the heat makes me grumped and lazy. It's odd, because I grew up in a place that was hotter than Brisbane, however also colder in winter…

7. My mother died when I was 7. It is now 19 years later, and still I cry when I think about her a lot. I don't remember much about her, so I don't know if my tears are selfish. Is it, "Poor me, I have no mum", or "Poor Mum, she died so young."

8. I have never been overseas, but really want to. I don't want to backpack or anything, I'm a bit too old for that (in my mind), but I'd love to go on holidays overseas every year or two. I might be past the stage where I could move over there for work, but if I think I would have loved that too.

9. I hate New Year's Eve. I am a very early riser, through no choice of my own. I wish I could sleep in. That results in my body and brain shutting down at approximately 3pm. If I stay up until midnight or after, inevitably I'll have a rubbish sleep. So New Year's Eve doesn't work for me. To be fair though, I have not once, ever in my life, had a good New Year's Eve. Whenever I go out and do something, it's disappointing. This year I'll be asleep early, and will wake up happy. Yay!

10. I'm a die-hard Bond fan. I have every DVD - which reminds me I want to watch them all again. Perhaps on our Christmas holiday… I think Daniel Craig is fantastic, up there with Sean Connery. I feel sorry for Pearce Brosnan, he did what he could with what he was given…

That was surprisingly hard!

I only have 4 followers (and let's be honest, one of them is me), so I'm just going to pass the award on to bowsnhearts and Aspiring Domestic Goddess from Domestic Divinity - congratulations!


bowsnhearts said... passed me something!! Now I need to think of what to write!

I will blog about this tomorrow!

Brain cells overkill today after work.

Thanks Missea!

Jade said...

Number 5 is so me!

Polly6034 said...

Number 5 is so me too. People get blown away when they realise how disorganised I am... my PhD supervisor is on to me though, she suggested that I buy an "Ideas" book to write down things, rather than all over random bits of paper :blush:

Like your blog, have just started following :)

missea said...

Hi Polly6034, I'm glad you like reading my blog! Do you have one also? I can't see from your profile... I love reading people's blogs...

bowsnhearts said...

Hey missea,

I haven't have time to do this yet on my blog but I definitely will.

Work been taking up much of my energy lately so been keeping my posts short and non-intellectual like. Lol.

Hope you are well.


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