Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Resolutions update...

It's about time for one of my resolutions updates. I'd like to read back through these tagged entries at the end of the year and see how my progress went, even if it's bad. The last few weeks has been bad, so best I document it. Perhaps I'll be motivated to try harder.

1. Eat better and exercise

I'm still gymming, and still loving it, despite some shin splints that slow me up occasionally. I'm going to invest in some good quality shoes, because I can't see myself becoming tired of the gym and exercise anytime soon. I am doing the couch to 5km program, however I'm mixing it up some nights so I'm not following it as strictly as some. Also I run more than 3 times per week.

As far as weight loss goes, I got to my lowest weight on Saturday. Not my lowest weight ever, but the most that I'd lost since I started this regime in January. I had then lost 3.6kg. So as you can see I plateaued a bit. I've also had some really slack eating days since last Friday, and that has stopped from this morning. No more. I'm back on track and I'm sure I'll stay there. I can happily say though that it's not only my tsubis that are fitting me now, but also a fair few other items of clothing. I'm noticing a change in my body shape that is far bigger than the weight I've lost.

3. Cook more

Failing at this, or at least I'm succeeding because we're eating out far less, however I'm not cooking recipes, per se. I'm more chucking some Steam Fresh into the microwave. That's something though, right?

4. Keep a tidy house

Failing at this, too, though the house is cleaner than my last update because my study is almost complete. Then I'll move on to overhauling the bedroom. Baby steps. Luckily EA generally deals with the kitchen. I do the bathroom and toilet. We both share the living room duties. He also mows, so it's only fitting that I should be doing more of the housework. Notice I said should be, not am. Sorry, EA x

5. Spend more time on me

I have slacked off with my face regime of late. I haven't been cleansing, toning, moisturising, exfoliating, masking, etc. near as much as I would like. I'll make that my goal for this week. People keep reminding me lately that it takes three weeks to change behaviour and habits, so I'll try to get through it.

That about covers it. Again, resolution 2 (CPA) isn't relevant as I haven't really begun my study for the semester yet.

How are you going with your resolutions? Are they still active?



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