Monday, January 10, 2011


Finally it is my last week of work in this job. I cannot wait to start my new role next week.

I worked from home today. I firstly had to go to Coles to buy some Damprid because I woke up panicking that this wet weather will make my wedding dress go mouldy. I keep it in our bedroom cupboard and the air con is on most of the time in this room, however that's not enough in this crazy rain. Fingers crossed it stays safe for the next 5 months.

While I was at the shops I took the time for a quick pedicure. I'd never had one before and it was super nice. The lady who gave it to me couldn't speak English though and didn't seem to understand that it was my first time and I had no idea what to do. She kept looking at me like I was stupid. I know for next time though, and there will be a next time!

I have quite a busy week ahead socially. Dinner tomorrow night (Mexican, yum!) with EA's family, lunch with a friend on Wednesday followed perhaps by dinner with some other friends of ours. On Thursday I have another lunch date followed by farewell drinks. Drinks again on Friday night before I go to Noosa on Saturday for my friend E's 30th birthday girls' weekend. E is staying at the Sheraton because of the swim-up bar. I am staying at the Sebel next door. While I'm sure I'll spend a lot of time with E, I'm also hoping for a bit of time to myself. I asked EA if he wanted to join me but I think he's looking forward to a weekend of Playstation alone!

I just realised as well that I have dinner with an old school friend on Sunday night after I get back from Noosa. I'll be tired on my first day!

Anyway, that's my update. Oh, except that I got my hair cut last week. I was so sick of it being long. I had thought of doing it for a while, so it wasn't really an impulse decision, however it might make things challenging for the wedding. I'm sure it will grow a lot in 5 months though. I tried to take a good photo of it, but these are the best that I got (had a lot of fun with Photo Booth too!):

It's slightly longer at the front - only subtle though, you can notice it more when it's very straight.


Kellyansapansa said...

Your hair looks fabulous! Good luck keeping that wedding dress safe :o)

Raine and Sage said...

Your hair looks beautiful, and is still categorically long!
Don't even start on the subject of damp... it's an issue.
How exciting to be starting a new role.


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